APSoft Fax Order Form

According to German legislation about Credit Card processing, we are only able process SIGNED orders sent by fax or by mail. Please fill this order form, print it, SIGN it and send it to us either by fax (+49 3222 171 5311) or by mail (APSoft, Am Wald 6, 84437 Reichertsheim, Germany).

Please notice that all fax orders are executed in 24 hours. If you received no e-mail confirmation from us during 24 hours we either did not receive your fax or your anti-spam filter of your mail system filtered our message out. In such case please contact us by phone +49 (8073) 928 0 or e-mail mailto:sales@tssc.de.

Attention: This form will be not sent via Internet. Your credit card number will be not transferred via Internet.
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2. Please select method of payment
I would like to pay the invoice by wires transfer. (Customers in Germany will receive 0/0 Net 30 invoice. Customers outside of Germany will receive a proforma-invoice and will be required pre-pay the software. Customers are also responsible to pay all bank charges related to wire transfer. Bank Checks are not accepted).
I would like pay by Credit Card.
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*To increase credit card security, it was decided that new cards will be issued with additional three (3) digits. These are located at the top of the signature strip (on back of the card) where the existing 16 digits from the front of the card are already printed.
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Your invoice will be sent via e-mail in PDF format. No paper invoice will be sent for Download products.
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Attention! We will automatically charge value-added tax (VAT) of 19% for any order from European Union, if no valid VAT identification number entered.
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