How to backup and restore to/from NTFS partition under Ghost 8.x
The DOS version of Ghost 8.x (GHOST.EXE) contains built-in NTFS support. In order to use this support you should start enabler in the DOS compatible mode adding the /DOSONLY switch to the enabler's command line.

In DOS compatible mode drive letters are assigned only to partitions compatible with used version of DOS (DOS (FAT12 and FAT15 under DOS 6.x; FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 under DOS 7.x). In this configuration Norton Ghost 8.x allows backup and restore to NTFS partitions.

Without /DOSONLY switch drive letters are assigned to all partitions of the USB/Firewire switch for backward compatibility.

The /DOSONLY switch is supported by all enablers starting from version 4.04.