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VxDView utility is freeware. Please feel free download and use it at your convenience.

Overview: What is VxDView?
VxDView is a tool that for retrieve and show information about virtual device drivers (such driver files are usually named according to the scheme VxD, where x refers to the device or service supported) of Windows 98, Windows 98 SE or Windows ME.
Information about VxD collect's and show's in simple dialog based form. The collected information is available for instantaneous or deferred analysis. VxDView doesn't uses own vxd driver for collect information. You may use VxDView to:
  • Collect information about running dynamic and static VxDs.
  • Save information for sending anyone.
  • Analyze information for resolving problems with VxD's.

Click here for a description of VxDView usage.

Product NameVxDView
CategorySoftware Engineering tool
Supported PlatformsWindows 95|98|ME