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MEW Terminal

What is new in version 1.10

Overview: What is MEW Terminal?
If you are user of Multi-Edit, well-known text editor from Multi Edit Software, Inc. (MESI), you will appreciate our Terminal add-on. Software developers often need trace application flow to the Terminal program running either locally or on remote computer. MEW Terminal is especially designed with specific developer needs in mind. Simply connect your remote PC to the host through a null-modem or network cable and install MEW Terminal on the host.

Terminal provides:

  • opportunity to use Multi-Edit for debugging you applications
  • specific features missing in universal Terminal applications
    • search for line with failed assertion
    • storing the messages of debug sessions
    • navigation between the messages of debug sessions
    • extended filtering of received messages
  • Support of Kernel Debugger of Windows NT
    • displaying the debug messages of kernel mode components
    • displaying the information about kernel mode exceptions
    • displaying the information about loading and unloading of modules

Click here for a description of Terminal usage.

Multi-Edit is a trademark of Multi Edit Software, Inc. (MESI)

Product NameMEW Terminal
CategorySoftware Engineering tool
Supported PlatformsWindows NT 4.0|95|98|2000|ME|XP|Vista Beta 2
RequirementsMulti-Edit Version 8 or Multi-Edit Version 9