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Usage with Cypress DUSE driver for DOS


CardBus USB 2.0 Enabler supports USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 hard disks and CD-ROM / DVD ROMs natively and normally doesn't require any third party driver. However, if you want support other type of USB devices or if you have compatibility concerns, you may combine USBENAB with Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (or other) drivers in any combination.

CardBus USB 2.0 Enabler is compatible with Cypress DUSE 4.x driver for DOS. However both drivers should be properly configured. Please notice, that mis-configured DUSE driver may hang on startup. In our experience, the best result is obtained when DUSE driver is configured to exact resources configuration of CardBus USB 2.0 Enabler.

Let's take an example of bootable floppy below. We are willing configure Adaptec AUA-1420 card with DUSE driver. The Adaptec card consists of two USB 1.1 OHCI adapters and one USB 2.0 EHCI adapter. On our test platform we are using memory at 0xD4000. In such case CardBus USB 2.0 Enabler will use memory as follow:

  • 4kB at 0xD4000 - will be used for CardBus Socket configuration.
  • 4kB at 0xD5000 - will be used for OHCI Adapter (PCI function 0)
  • 4kB at 0xD6000 - will be used for OHCI Adapter (PCI function 1)
  • 4kB at 0xD7000 - will be used for EHCI Adapter (PCI function 2)

We are starting USBENAB as follow:



/M:0xD4000 - Forces memory allocation to address 0xD4000
/I - Prevents load of built-in hard disk and CD-ROM drivers

In this case we need configure DUSE 4.4 driver as follow:

DUSE.EXE nou ohcn=2 ehcn=1 INT13 EBAR=0xD700 OBAR=0xD500

The DUSE 4.9 Driver however will require slightly different configuration:

DUSE.EXE ver=2 nou ohcn=2 ehcn=1 INT13


nou - Do not support UHCI adapters
ohcn=2 - Configure only two OHCI adapters
ehcn=1 - Configure only one EHCI adapter
INT13 - Install support of INT 13 (Required by Norton Ghost or Power Quest Drive Copy)
EBAR=0xD700 - Allocate EHCI memory at 0xD7000 (i.e. match to Enabler assignment, for DUSE 4.4 only)
OBAR=0xD500 - Allocate OHCI memory at 0xD5000 (i.e. match to Enabler assignment, for DUSE 4.4 only)
ver=2 - Verbose mode with popup boxes

As result you should see on the screen that DUSE output of used resources exactly match CardBus USB 2.0 Enabler.

Boot Floppy
Please refer to samples of boot floppies:
  1. With Cypress Semiconductor Corporation DUSE 4.4.
  2. With Cypress Semiconductor Corporation DUSE 4.9.