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PCI FireWire (IEEE-1394) Enabler for DOS

What is new in version 4.05

Small but powerful driver for quickly enable PCI FireWire (IEEE 1394) Adapter such as Adaptec AFW-4300 FireConnect Adapter, Orange Micro Inc., OrangeLink FireWire PCI Board, etc.

FireWire Mass Storage Enabler is a class enabler. In other words it will enable any PCI FireWire Adapter regardless of PCI adapter manufacturer and model.

Fully compatible with Norton Ghost and PowerQuest Drive Image under MS-DOS and Windows 9x DOS.

Main features:
  • Supports any FireWire (IEEE-1394) PCI adapter compatible with OHCI specification.
  • Provides build-in support for FireWire (IEEE-1394) hard disks and CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs
  • Relocates parts of enabler code to upper memory automatically.
  • Cooperates with IEEE-1394 BIOS. Do not disturb functionality of devices configured by BIOS.
  • Supports any number of attached hard disk and CD/DVD-ROM devices (except DOS Point Enabler for ATA Cards).
  • Built-in resource manager with true PnP support of hardware configuration.
  • Supports both: original DOS (e.g. MS-DOS 6.22) as well as DOS included with Windows 95/98.
  • Can be loaded via CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT or simply started from DOS command prompt.
  • Support driver unload (unless third party drivers were loaded).
  • No DOS memory (inside of the 1st Megabyte) required for hardware configuration.
  • Provides full LBA support for disks of any size. Large disks are supported.
  • Provides full INT 13h support, including extension. Most utilities (e.g. FORMAT.COM, FDISK.EXE, Norton Utilities, etc.) are supported.
  • User may freely assign drive letters to partitions, except if Enabler is loaded from CONFIG.SYS.
  • Does not provide hot-swap support. The Mass storage device should be connected to the computer before Enabler is started.
  • Provides set of flexible configuration options via command line or via external .INI file.
  • Extensive diagnostic output on user request.
  • Supports multiple adapters of the same type.
  • Support backup and restore to/from NTFS partitions under Ghost 8.x.

Quick start:

Simply start driver from the command line or from autoexec.bat without parameters. The only restriction is that driver should be started after any memory manager such as HIMEM.SYS and EMM386.EXE.

FireWire (IEEE-1394) Support
Support of FireWire (IEEE-1394) Device normally requires a whole stack of drivers. Usually you need at least a PCI enabler (unless your PCI FireWire (IEEE-1394) controller is configured by computer BIOS), and functional driver (e.g. hard disk). FWMASS provides both: a PCI Enabler and build-in functional drivers for FireWire (IEEE-1394) Disk and FireWire (IEEE-1394) CD-ROM.

Generally speaking as long as your FireWire (IEEE-1394) devices are limited to FireWire (IEEE-1394) disk and/or FireWire (IEEE-1394) CD-ROM, you do not need any of third party FireWire (IEEE-1394) driver - FWMASS will do the job.

In difference with any other FireWire software, FWMASS by default do not change configuration of FireWire (IEEE-1394) PCI adapter assigned by BIOS and therefore do not disturb work of any device supported by BIOS.

Product NamePCI FireWire (IEEE-1394) Enabler for DOS
CategoryPoint Enabler
Supported PlatformsMS-DOS 5.x/6.22/7.0 (Windows 98) and clones. MS-DOS 6.22 or 7.0 are recommended.