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DOS Point Enabler for ATA Cards

What is new in version 3.10

Small but powerful driver for quick access to ATA PC Cards (HDD and IDE-2-PCMCIA controllers). ATA Enabler can be loaded either from CONFIG.SYS or from DOS command prompt.
Main features:
  • Resident part of ATA Enabler occupies approximately 29kB of memory (depending of number of ATA cards inserted).
  • In comparison with any competitive product ATA Enabler doesn’t need an IRQ. Therefore user does not need to care about resource conflicts.
  • ATA Enabler may support simultaneously up to 10 ATA cards (or Hard Disks). Number of supported partitions is limited only by number of available drive letters. Number of physical PC Card adapters is not limited.
  • ATA Enabler configures all cards to ATA mode (16 continuous I/O).

Starting from version 3.00 there are three different versions of ATAEnabler: ATAENAB, CBATA and UNATA.

All three versions have similar features and differ only by set of supported PC Card / CardBus adapters. Every version supports up to 10 ATA cards simultaneously (or hard-disks connected via PCMCIA-2-IDE PC Card adapter) with a totally of up to 26 disk partitions. They work under original DOS 6 and under Win95/98 DOS as well. In difference with any similar product ATA Enabler does not use IRQ and therefore you do not have to care about resource conflict.

Compared to version 2.10, we greatly decreased resident part memory footprint (31kB instead of 40kB in version 2.10) and implemented support for multiple sockets and multiple drive letters assignment.

  • ATAENAB.EXE is specifically designed for Intel PCIC compatible ISA adapters (such as e.g. Vadem-469). It will also work with many CardBus adapters, but only if CardBus adapter was properly configured by computer BIOS.
  • CBATA.EXE is specifically designed for CardBus adapters that are installed in most Laptops. In addition to ATAENAB features, CBATA is able to configure CardBus adapters even if your BIOS doesn't support it.
  • UNATA.EXE combines best features of both of above product. If you are working in mixed environment with CardBus and ISA PC Card adapters, you will like this one. We also hope that UNATA will be great for users of Toshiba notebooks where ToPIC PC Card adapter may be set either into PCIC compatible or into CardBus mode via BIOS Setup. Regardless of the PC Card Adapter mode the UNATA enabler will work effortlessly.
Product NameDOS Point Enabler for ATA Cards
CategoryPoint Enabler
Supported PlatformsMS-DOS 5.x/6.22/7.0 (Windows 98) and clones. MS-DOS 6.22 or 7.0 are recommended.