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Socket Services for OS/2

What is new in version 7.00, release 24-Aug-2004

A Socket Services Driver compatible with Warp 3 and Warp 4 Card Services is available for corporate customers. The OS/2 Socket Services driver supports over 60 PC Card Adapters including all popular CardBus Adapters from Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Ricoh and others.

Socket Services Driver is implemented as an IBM OS/2 base device driver. It supports the PC Card Standard 7.0; the full specification is both implemented and enabled. (Note: As Warp 3 Card Services complies to version 2.0 of the PC Card Standard, the Socket Services Driver under Warp 3 also reports compliance with PC Card Standard 2.0. Nevertheless, the full range of version 7.0 Socket Services is still provided). Socket Services Driver is designed to recognize each supported PC Card Adapter individually. It installs appropriate support for the features of each detected adapter. When different adapters are found in the same machine, Socket Services Driver installs full feature support for each individual adapter. (This is very different to other Socket Services drivers, which tend to work on a "common denominator" basis).

Socket Services Driver supports up to 4 PC Card adapters with up to 4 sockets per adapter. Each adapter can be different from the others (or the same, in any combination). The maximum is not architectural - it was selected to save memory for most machine configurations. SSPCIC.SYS also has internal logic for "hot-docking", but this is disabled by default.

Attention: This driver is an OEM product by his nature and was designed for OEM customers only. Under high-pressure from individual customers we made this driver available to end-users. Configuration of the driver on a particular machine could be a difficult and time-consuming task. APSoft provides this driver to individual customers on an "as is" basis – no free support is available.

Please read driver description carefully before you decide to buy it.

Product NameSocket Services for OS/2
CategorySocket Services Driver
Supported PlatformsOS/2 Warp 3 or Warp 4
RequirementsIBM Card Services should be installed