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CardWare 7.0 for DOS/Windows 3.x

What is new in version 7.00.009

Check our upgrade policy for CardWare prior to CardWare 7.0.

CardWare for DOS and Microsoft Windows 3.x is fully PC Card Standard compliant Software solution. CardWare is designed to painlessly manage the complexity of plugging and unplugging the latest generation of PC Cards.

More specifically, CardWare offers two kinds of services to your PC:

  1. CardWare provides an industry standard application-programming interface (API). This API allows third party software (network drivers, for instance) to communicate with PC Cards in an orderly manner. The API consists of both socket and card services and complies with the PC Card standard. This level of support requires third-party software that can install and configure PC Cards. Such software would then use the services of CardWare to manage the card(s).
  2. CardWare can also install and configure PC Cards on your system, so standard software, not just PC Card-specific software, can access the card. The CardWare PCENABLE module performs this generic installation of PC Cards.

Additionally, CardWare allows you to use storage cards (memory cards and PC Card ATA flash disk and hard disk drives) as if they were normal floppy or hard disk drives. CardWare supports FAT16 and FAT32 partitions and disks of any size up to 2 Terabytes.

Starting from version 6.00.010 you also can use CardWare to connect IDE CD-ROM, CDR or CD-RW to your PC. Please check our support forum for the support instructions.

CardWare works in the background in both DOS and Microsoft Windows 3.x. Thus both DOS and Windows applications can make use of your PC Cards.

CardWare for DOS and Microsoft Windows 3.x supports DOS protected-mode services (DPMS), reducing conventional memory overhead. The addition of DPMS makes CardWare the perfect solution for mobile systems or any other platform where you want to reduce the overall memory footprint.

In spite of the well-documented PC Card standards, not all PC Cards are perfectly compatible. CardWare attempts to recognize and configure as many PC Cards as is possible. Even when it does not fully recognize a card, CardWare still attempts to configure it. CardWare also gives you every opportunity to fine-tune its ability to recognize a given card.

CardWare offers a special capability: individual configuration of PC Cards. The PC Card Control program lets you specifically tailor the configuration of any PC card. You may never need this feature, as an increasing number of PC Cards conform to the PC Card standard. However, if a card does deviate, or if you prefer a different configuration, CardWare gives you exceptional power combined with unparalleled ease.

Product NameCardWare 7.0 for DOS/Windows 3.x
CategoryFull PCMCIA Support Solution
Supported PlatformsMS-DOS 6.22/MS-DOS 7.0 (from Windows 98), Windows 3.0/3.1/3.11 for Workgroups