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CardWare SDK

What is new in version 7.00.003

Advanced Tools for PC Card Technology Developers

CardWare Software Developers Kit

Overview: What is CardWare SDK
The CardWare Software Developers Kit (SDK) gives PC Card technology developers the benefit of APSoft Technology's role in developing PC Card software standards. APSoft staff chaired the PC Card groups that defined Socket and Card Services standards, and actively participated in several working groups and subcommittees.
CardWare SDK includes:
  1. CardWare SDK includes source code samples for all popular Operating Systems. Those samples is the best starting point for create your own applications and drivers. You may use code provided in CardWare SDK samples in your own products free, without paying any kind of license fees.

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    All samples are well commented and self-comprehensive. Please click here for see how sample's code is looks like.

    APSoft CWSDK samples guide you through the entire process of PC Card driver development providing a "jump start" at creating card-client application or driver.

  2. CardWare SDK is shipped with set of Windows Help files covering several areas of PC Card software development. Such online help file forms one point reference store for all your development needs. Help files cover all versions of PC Card Standard, all popular PC Card and CardBus adapters as well as several aspects of ATA standard. CardWare SDK online help was created by PC Card developers and for PC Card developers. Ignoring several hardware aspects, CardWare SDK online help fully concentrates on software developer's needs.

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  3. CardWare SDK is shipped with several popular APSoft Development tools that greatly simplify development and debugging process. Most of our tools can be used under just any Windows 32 OS (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP).

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    • PCIScope is a great tool to explore CardBus adapters and card integrated in PCI subsystem of your PC. All bits and flags are decoded and described including also all known vendor-specific bits.

    • IRPTrace allow to intercept conversations between various device drivers on your PC. Device drivers are talking by sending each other small packets of information known as IRPs. The IRPTrace logs interprets those packets.

    • CISInfo is an application that reads Card Information Structure (CIS) out of PC Card and/or CardBus Card and interprets CIS in human-readable form.

    • VXDView is a tool to retrieve and show information about virtual device drivers of Windows 9X.

    • CMPTool.exe is a simplified version of file copy/comparison utility especially designed for usage in test scripts.

    • STTest.cmd is a script for test the stability of storage cards (ATA, SRAM, FLASH) in CardWare environment.

    • NETTest.cmd is a network communication script for test file copy operation from and to network.

    • PCMTest.exe is a tool for test the Windows NT PCMCIA.SYS driver. Via command prompt calls of PCMCIA.SYS API functions can be performed.

    • PMTool.exe broadcasts various Power Management notifications and detects the installed power management BIOS and drivers.

    Even for the simple "plain old DOS" you will get a bench of powerful tools and utilities.

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  4. If you are PC Card Manufacturer, your technical support folks will appreciate that CardWare SDK also includes all versions of several APSoft products. If your customer will ever complain that your own driver is not compatible with some old versions of our products you will be able to check it inside of minutes.

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Product NameCardWare SDK
CategorySoftware Engineering tool
Supported PlatformsDOS|Windows 3.X|95|98|ME|NT 4.0|2000|XP|Server 2003
RequirementsInternet Explorer 5.0 or higher. You will need an administrator account to use CardWare SDK