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CardWare 7.0 for Windows 8.x/7/Vista and Server 2008/2012

What is new in version 7.00.035

Check our upgrade policy for CardWare prior to CardWare 7.0.

CardWare is a total software solution for PC Cards that complies with the PC Card Standards. It is designed to effortlessly manage the complexity of plugging and unplugging the latest generation of PC Cards. Main CardWare features are listed below:
  • Full hot swap and Plug-and-Play of all compliant PC cards, including LAN, SCSI, ATA, WLAN, FLASH, SRAM and much more.
  • Support for multi-partition ATA cards.
  • Automatic configuration for nearly any cards.
  • Fully PC Card Standard compliant, including Card and Socket Services API in all OS.
  • Advanced power management for optimal battery usage.
  • Handy User Interface as centralized place for fine-tuning of PC Cards configuration.
  • Supports new cards with no updates required.
  • Socket services for all major PC Card controllers.
  • User-friendly resource conflict-resolution aids.
  • Support for ExpressCard-to-PCMCIA adapter PCD-X/XC34 and Delock Express Card / 34
  • Support for USB-2-PCMCIA OmniDrive USB2 LF adapter
Product NameCardWare 7.0 for Windows 8.x/7/Vista and Server 2008/2012
CategoryFull PCMCIA Support Solution
Supported PlatformsWindows 8.x|7|Vista|Server 2008|2012 (x86 and x64)