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What is new in version 7.00.004

Overview: What is CISInfo?
CISInfo is an application that interprets Card Information Structure (CIS) from PC Cards. It was designed to simplify development, debugging and support of PC Card products.

CISInfo provides the following basic features:

  • Support for CardBus and 16-bit PC Card adapters.
  • Support for CardBus and 16-bit PC Cards.
  • Support for USB-2-PCMCIA OmniDrive USB2 LF adapter
  • Support for Multi-function cards (CardBus and 16-bit).
  • Detailed interpretation of CIS information including decoding of individual tuples, their location and binary dump.
  • Detailed reporting of errors and warnings after CIS interpretation.
  • Detailed description of CIS topography (memory type and address for every tuple).
  • Saving of CIS into binary file and reading of CIS from the file.
  • Support for binary file format for CIS that is compatible with APSoft CardWare SDK tools.
  • Compliance with the latest PC Card standard.
  • Context sensitive help with full explanation of all tuples.
  • Works with and without CardWare

Both GUI and Console versions of CISInfo are included: GUI version for Windows platforms and Console version for DOS and Windows platforms.

Click here for description of CISInfo usage.
Product NameCISInfo
CategoryPCMCIA support tool
Supported PlatformsDOS, Windows NT 4.0|98|2000|ME|XP|Server 2003|Vista|7|2008 (x86 and x64)
  1. You will need to install APSoft CardWare for Windows NT 4.0 in order to use CISInfo under Windows NT 4.0.
  2. You will need an administrator account to use CISInfo under Windows 2000 and later OS.
  3. In order to use CISInfo for DOS you need an APSoft CardWare for DOS/Windows being installed.
  4. CISInfo's setup runs only under 32-bit OS. In order to use CISInfo for DOS you have to install the product under any supported 32-bit OS and then take the CISINFO.EXE utility from the installation folder (by default: C:\Program Files\APSoft\CISInfo).