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A Driver for ATAPI CD-ROMs connected via PC Card compatible with Warp 3 and Warp 4 Card Services is available for corporate customers. The driver supports most of popular PCMCIA-2-IDE controllers and CD-ROMs.

The CD-ROM driver is implemented as an IBM OS/2 .ADD device driver. The driver registers himself as card Services client and simulate CD-ROM device w/o media as long as CD-ROM device is not connected. Driver registers all initialization commands that OS send to CD-ROM device and therefore after CD-ROM is physically connected - properly initialize the CD-ROM device. In difference with most of other available CD-ROM drivers, our driver do not use IRQ and therefore works on highly loaded platform w/o available IRQs as well as on Intel 8xx chipset based platforms w/o ISA IRQs connected to the socket adapter.

The CD-ROM Driver supports one CD-ROM device per socket. Each CD-ROM can be different from the others (or the same, in any combination). The CD-ROM device is fully swappable at any moment. The driver is not tuned to work on any particular CD-ROM model and should work with almost any CD-ROM and PCMCIA-2-IDE adapter as long as they properly identify themselves.

Attention: This driver is an OEM product by his nature and was designed for OEM customers only. Under high-pressure from individual customers we made this driver available to end-users. In rare case if your CD-ROM device is not supported, the only support option is to send your device to APSoft for 3-5 days. The implementation of particular CD-ROM support is free, however the shipping cost should be assumed by customer.

Please read driver description carefully before you decide to buy it.

Product NamePCMCIA ATAPI CD-ROM Driver for OS/2
CategoryCD-ROM device driver
Supported PlatformsOS/2 Warp 3 or Warp 4
RequirementsIBM Card Services should be installed